Workplace Harassment

What It is and What to do About It

Business leaders have a responsibility to create a positive, safe working space for all of their employees.

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Through the development of a workplace harassment policy, you can establish deeper roots of companionship and respect among your employees. Responding to harassment incidents in the workplace requires your knowledge of harassment complaint, mediation, investigative and decision making processes. As a manager in your organization, you need to know the right policies to implement for protecting your employees. In this course, we identify proactive strategies for preventing harassment from happening in your workplace. Students are provided with information about the various components of an organizational harassment policy.

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Workplace Harassment
Workplace Harassment

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Workplace Harassment: What It is and What to do About It

Successful business organizations are investing in workplace harassment training for their entire workforce. Instructors can take advantage of the customizability of our eLearning courses to include specific, harassment policy information related to their organization. As well, professional learners interested in workplace harassment prevention strategies will enjoy the flexibility and interactivity of this online training choice. The advantages of workplace harassment training includes better communication throughout your office. It is your role as a business leader to create an environment that allows your employees to work alongside each other without hostility; without experiencing harassment. We encourage you to experience the quality of our eLearning products by reviewing a free demo of this course. By submitting your request to our customer service representatives, you can gain access to the Workplace Harassment title. We believe you will be extremely satisfied with our eLearning course design and content when you take the opportunity to try a free sample.